Here you can find the mostly frequently asked question. If you can’t find the right answer for your question, fell free to contact us trough the chat box at the bottom of the website.

How high can the seat extend?

The seat can extend a full 1,9” (5 cm).

What is the difference between torque sensor and speed sensor systems?

Carbon e-bike is speed sensor but we recommend a torque sensor kit by http://www.beamtssample.com/page/index.html. Throttle lever is available for use in private areas.

Where the battery is placed?

With an effortless push of a button, you’ll access to the battery inside the frame lifting the cover.

Is the battery replaceable?

Yes, It is replaceable.

How can I repair the bike by myself?

We will launch details maintenance instruction videos on our website. And we will work together with some bike shops to let you easily send and repair your bike in the future.

Can it be picked up locally?

No. At this point in time we are not offering local pick up.

How can I contact Zeno?

If you have questions including tech questions, business co-operation, media interview and more, please send to info@motoparilla.it

Can we have more technical details about Carbon?

I am awarded of the importance to provide more and more evidences to prove the technical feasibility of the Carbon but actually these technical factors are banal issues manageable by almost any graduate engineer while only a handful of men on the earth can design the aesthetic of the Carbon.

So, in my head, this is the gold of the project. The emotion, what makes feel us live …. the shape of the beauty.

However, Carbon is not a toy nor just a dream. Since I managed the entire design and industrialization of several ebikes and electric/gasoline scooters I am confident to do a professional job.

Actually we want to produce a NOT-extreme eMTB bike. In our interpretation the sense of a SUV vehicle is to be huge and fabulous, stable and comfortable to ride on all kind of terrain.

We believe to be very honest offering a such innovative e-bike very close to the production cost.

Nevertheless, with your feedback, you are giving us an important chance to better communicate our technological and industrial choices.