The Carbon SUV ebike is a superior bike in terms of performance, comfort and technology.

Oversized tires

The fat tires of the Carbon provide not only a better balance for beginners and occasional bikers, but also an improved grip and traction on the roughest terrain. A versatile means of transport that will take you to places you have never biked before.

Comfort and Design

Motorcycle-like design makes the Carbon SUV a new kind of  bike. Due to its outstanding prominence, it is bound to make an impression on friends and people along the street.
Riding such a bike is the only way to understand why everybody is talking about it.  It is an experience like no other.

Electric Motor

Pedal assist or throttle are more comfortable when commuting, because enables you to have a smooth ride without worrying about pedalling. By the Throttle override toggle you can use your throttle in any riding mode you are.


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There is no bike like the Carbon SUV. Each part is manufactured by us.
Our technology solutions are based on a patent pending technology, and this core innovation makes Carbon e-bike unique.


Front forks and upper frame are made of Carbonium T700 24T, EPS (expandable polystyrene) Mandrel Technology and All-In-One Monocoque Molding (ISO4210 standards).
Moreover, the generous thicknesses and the structural geometry of the Carbon make its frame durable, resistant and agile at the same time.


Motorcycle-like design makes the Carbon SUV a new kind of  bike.
The Carbon’s brakes and fat tires are much safer than common bikes’ ones.  Indeed, the Carbon can stop instantly.
Furthermore, since it is pretty heavy, it won’t be pushed away by other vehicles so easily.