Our e-bikes

Carbon and Trilix are two unique products marked by a strong personality and a unique design defined by the Moto Parilla desire to create vehicles in the purest Italian style.

Carbon is, up to the present, one of the most visualized and desired worldwide electric vehicle representing the concept of a Dream Bike.

Trilix has triggered the press interest for the innovation introduced in the foldable e-bike industry as well as for the attention to details.

TRILIX is not just another foldable e-bike, but a life philosophy, a revolutionary idea in which to identify with.  This electric vehicle was built to ease your everyday life due to its accessories that make Trilix stand out.

 CARBON is today presents on the global market with the following lines:

The common denominators are the high quality components and a technological research leading to a painstaking attention to details.

Moto Parilla is pleased to introduce soon new products resulting from years of experimentation.