Get the most out of your Carbon e-bike with EggRider display

Tech components

EggRider is the fusion of a Bluetooth e-bike display with a mobile App that allows you to enhance the performance of your e-bike. The Eggrider solution is the Eggrider App plus the EggConnect Module.


  • Lightweight and compact design keeping your handlebar clean
  • Small enough to avoid unwanted attention
  • Dust and water resistant – IP65 protection
  • Voltage reading between 20V up to 60V
  • First to detect real battery capacity and tracking stats of up to 3 batteries  Android and iOS mobile apps for more statistics and configurations
  • Providing flexibility to comply with road e-bike laws worldwide


  • Street and off-road switch changes parameters on the fly
  • Data display: battery capacity percentage and voltage, speed, power, energy, efficiency, trip time and distance
  • Power assist level switch with physical buttons from the display
  • Data rich generates statistics of your trips with graphs using the mobile App.
  • Configure motor/controller internal parameters


  • Display with minimalist design, power ON/OFF
  • Level assist buttons and mode switch
  • IPhone and Android mobile App to configure parameters and display information
  • Bluetooth low energy, compatible with most of the modern smartphones
  • Low energy consumption OLED display
  • Waterproof IP65 protection


  1. Just plug in the EggConnect to your controller0
  2. Attach it to your e-bike
  3. Simply start- up the EggRider App on your cell phone, which communicate with EggConnect
  4. You can also modify the setting of your motor
  5. You are good to go