Tech Components

The Minion FBF 26X4, 80 falls into the category of the aggressive fat tires, created to represent the happy medium between a spike mud and a cut spike. It is characterized by tall (7mm), siped knobs, arranged in a pattern ideal for the unique requirements of steering and braking. Its dual compound (two different rubber compounds are processed into a tread strip) offers low rolling resistance increasing cornering traction. They are great in deep muck but still have decent rolling resistance on gravel or loose rocks.

Whether you’re looking to dominate the local fat bike race series or to transform your fat bike into a winter commuter, you are looking for a fast rolling tire, like the Vee Apache fatty slick. For the most part, fat bike slicks have either been for a while non-existent or too small for many fat bikes. Vee Tire Co. is addressing all of that with their Apache Fatty slick. When Vee Tire Co. says slick, they mean it: this thing has zero tread. The Apache Fatty Slick is the first of its kind for the road. Lightweight with a smooth tread, it gives you all the advantages of a larger tire, with the lowest rolling resistance on the market. And because it has tire wear indicator you know when to replace it after all those skids.