Transforming gears into spheres

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CVP stands for Continuously Variable Planetary gear because of its unique ability to eliminate gear steps. Instead of selecting gears the shifter moves a ring of rotating balls, called planets, which continuously adjust the relationship between the input and output of the hub.  So, within the limits of the NuVinci, you can have any gear ratio you want and you can shift under load and at rest. This transmission also enables you to easily go from a harder gear used at higher speeds to an easier one as you encounter a stop sign or light without having to plan ahead. The maintenance required is low. The inner parts are much simpler than a gear-based hub and the only thing to do is changing the torque fluid located in the hub, but other than that there’s no maintenance.

Where does the NuVinci name come from? The company got inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous Italian inventor of mechanical devices and we are sure that the #NuVinci is doing a great job following the same guiding principles Leonardo did.

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