Trilix is the freedom to travel anywhere


Electric foldable bicycles are sprouting up on city streets, on trains and busses, and in office buildings and apartment hallways for a good reason. It’s hard to beat the convenience of a bike that origamis down to fit under your desk, but can also make your commute faster and easier.  If you are not sure what makes Trilix foldable e-bike so special and unique, read on …


Whether it’s speeding over the worst hill on your commute or keeping pace with city traffic, e-bike riders are increasingly of the opinion that power rules. But, hey, watts alone don’t tell a motor’s story. Torque is also critical, as it tells you how much “oomph” a motor provides. A motor with higher torque will feel more powerful and accelerate more quickly.  In fact Trilix foldable is equipped with a second generation mid-drive motor with torque sensor that runs cool and strong in the 2 versions, 250W or the 500W, offering a torque of 70/90 Nm. Not bad for a foldable e-bike!


For the battery, the stat you want to pay attention to is watt-hours (Wh). This one is easy: the bigger the number, the more juice the battery holds, and the farther you can go between charges.  Trilix mounts a HG battery with 540 Wh, offering a range of 120 km!


A significant consideration for an electric foldable bike is the wheel size, because that dictates how small the bike can fold down or for what kind of terrain it’s built to conquer. If you want a small foldable package, look for a bike with 16 inches wheels. With bigger wheels, a foldable bike will not have the compactness of a traditional foldable bike, but it does deliver more of that standard bike feel. Trilix is available with 16 inches Plus tires or 20 inches 2.0 tires to enjoy exploring new roads.


STORAGE. A foldable e-bike is perfect for small apartment and condos. Nobody want to store a full sized bike in an apartment.

SECURITY. A foldable e-bike is easy to take into workplace and put it under your desk. No need to be lock up in public areas.

COMMUTE. A foldable e-bike has a free and unrestricted carriage on public transportation. A regular bike is too bulky for a bus or subway. It might require a permission.

LEISURE. Toss two foldable e-bikes into a car trunk and go on adventure. A foldable bike can be safely sealed inside your car trunk: it’s always secure and protected.  Using a regular bike you have to use a roof-rack or a rear mounted cycle rack to carry your bicycle.

ENVIRONMENT. Foldable e-bikes are used more often. So there will be more opportunities to replace carbon heavy journeys. Usage of a regular bike is usually limited to weekend or early morning ride.


Riding an electric bicycle can be unbelievably good fun. It’s not just in the city, where zipping through the streets can make you feel alive, and it’s not just the ease at which you can ride at higher speeds for longer periods of time that often gets adrenaline junkies going.

Trilix is the foldable e-bike that makes you fall in love with cycling, giving you smiles for miles !