Carbon Club Version

The Carbon e-bike is perhaps the most advanced concept of e-bike available today. It could be defined as a hybrid bicycle/motorcycle: a lightweight device which releases large amounts of power. Still a true bicycle that you can enjoy in every sense of the word, it offers you much more in terms of usabilityperformance and freedom: the SUV e-bike.

The Carbon SUV e-bike is a combination of stability, lightness and strength in a very different taste for bike riding.

Perfect for every-day:

  • regular and fun bike riding
  • off-road trips
  • uphill or hill climbing

The Carbon SUV e-bike, the Electric Bike with its powerful motor, climbs hills effortlessly and maintains great speed all the way to the top!

Carbon Club Version is available in  250W or 500W power

Consider that only 250 Watt version meets EU requirements for regular roads.

Carbon and aluminium

Weight (approximately)

Bafang 250 W / 500 W – Series G340 (Speed Sensor)

Power Torque
Peak Torque 80-100Nm

Tektro Auriga Hydraulic – Disk: front 380 / rear 210 mm

Gear Hub
Nuvinci N380

DNM A0Y36RC Gas Shock Absorber

RANGE (estimated on the flat road with 60% motor assistance)

CST Roly Poly 26X4,80 Balloon Tyre Size

Battery pack
48V 13,6 Ah LITHIUM ION 653 Wh

HongGuang VP-558 (China)

Front light
No preset

Rear light
High beam led (embedded in the frame)

15.5 Mph (25 Km/h) for 250 W
20 Mph (32 Km/h) for 500 W

Trusted international suppliers

Frame size Height Inseam
S 61-67 in
155-170 cm
25,5-28,3 in
67-72 cm
M 67-73 in
170-185 cm
29,9-31,4 in
76-80 cm
L 73-89 in
185-200 cm
32,2-33,4 in
82-85 cm
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